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What people say about Hotels:

Blake Madden of HOTELS - Photo by Christopher Nelson

TIME OUT NEW YORK -Hotels fuse elements of new wave, goth, and surf so seamlessly, genre tags will be the last thing on your mind when you hear their bittersweet, atmospheric pop songs.

POPMATTERS – With a taste for the cinematic, Hotels come off like the ultimate ‘80s soundtrack band.


Hotels is composer and bassist Blake Madden, and he lives in pop’s dark corners, with post-punk roots giving way to flower petals of psych, jazz noir, electro, and surf.

On the new “Night Showers” album, Madden augments the band’s traditional driving rhythms and dreamscape guitars with vibraphone, trumpet, violin, and cello to create a unique brand of movie soundtrack-esque pop. If you like the lush acoustic arrangements of Stereolab and Sufjan Stevens, but maybe filtered through the darkness of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”, then you’ll like Hotels.

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