Artwork by Stuart Medley

Artwork by Stuart Medley

Night Showers

HOTELSRelease 9/9/2016

Hotels is the moniker of composer and bassist Blake Madden. Founded in New York in 2003, Hotels lives in pop’s dark corners, with post-punk roots giving way to flower petals of psych, jazz noir, electro, and surf. On “Night Showers”, Madden translates Hotels’ usually synth-heavy sound to a largely acoustic ensemble featuring vibraphone, trumpet, violin, and cello. The instrumentation has changed, but the relentless pursuit of hook-laden pop melodies remains the same.

Conceived in isolation, “Night Showers” was achieved via community. Produced by Seattle visionary Erik Blood (Shabazz Palaces), the album features guest vocalists Irene Barber (Dust Moth, Erik Blood), Adra Boo (Fly Moon Royalty), and the ladies of NighTrain.

“Night Showers” is the story of relationships: the individual to self, to the community, to a lover, a friend, a parent, the muse, one’s own mind. It’s a story that says: Speak truth. Be human first. Use the Golden Rule. Grow together or grow apart; just grow. And share your apples.

Contact: blammer6 (at) gmail (dot) com

Download the “Night Showers – Basic Digital” package below:

Night Showers – Basic Digital