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1. Hydra
2. Near The Desert, Near The City
3. Leilani
4. Port of Saints
5. Kite Fight
6. The Maudlin
7. On The Casino Floor
8. The Heart That Hears Like A Bat
9. Cafe Martinique
10. Flight Of The Navigator

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Hotels is the moniker of composer and bassist Blake Madden. Founded in New York in 2003, Hotels runs the gamut of pop’s dark corners, with post-punk and new-wave roots giving way to flower petals of psych, jazz noir, electro, and surf. The sound may undergo a sea change from song to song, but Madden’s knack for hook-laden pop melodies is the uniting force underneath it all. Fans of the synth mastery of DEVO, the driving rhythms and grumbling bass of Joy Division, and the dreamscape guitars of Cocteau Twins will like Hotels.

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